Fairview College Scholarship
Fairview Missionary Church realizes that certain colleges are in close doctrinal harmony with the Missionary Church in educating future full-time Christian workers and lay leaders.  We feel that those students within our congregation who attend distinctively Christian colleges should be partially supported financially by our local church as they attend such institutions. 
Please see our College Scholarship Fund Brochure for more information and the 
FMC College Scholarship Packet with more details.
If you are a regular attender of FMC and are heading to a Christian College,  you should take advantage of the FMC College Scholarship.  In addition to this fund which awards up to $1000 a school year, some Christian colleges have a church matching grant.  When added to the money from FMC, you could get $2000 towards tuition.  Read more about this opportunity here:   Fairview/Bethel Scholarship Fund 
If you are a senior in high school or are currently receiving money from the FMC College Fund and would like to begin or continue receiving this money, make sure to complete the FMC Scholarship Application.  The deadline for this form is March 1st.  Please turn all completed forms in to Jake Shipe or Derald Moore by placing them in their church mailboxes.
This fall we have 13 students attending 8 distinctively Christian Colleges:  Anderson, Bethel, Cedarville, Grace, Huntington, Indiana Wesleyan, Liberty, and Wheaton.  One of the recipients wrote this expressing her gratitude for the FMC Scholarship:
I’ve attended FMC my entire life and it is such a blessing to be able to come home to such a great church family who supports me as I am experiencing the blessings that Wheaton has to offer..
Help for Juniors and Seniors to get Federal aid:
You, through your donations, are changing families’ lives for Christ.  You can continue or begin supporting this fund by writing “College Fund” on your offering envelope.  By giving to the FMC Scholarship Fund, you are helping to shape the perspectives of young minds by enabling them to get a Christian education.  Your donation makes it easier for students and parents to make the choice of environment over cost, because a Christ-centered education does so much more than educate.