4th Annual Fairview Family Florida Picnic

Saturday, February 10, 2018
12:00 Noon
1801 Bern Creek Loop
(That is just around the 3rd or 4th corner from the horses and cows, and whatever else may be behind the fence!)
Sarasota, FL
Cost:  $8 per person
Please pay at the picnic.
FMC summer attenders who are in Florida for the winter,
the way we communicate details for this event is through email.
If you are not already on the email recipient list or have changed your email since the last picnic,
please email Pastor Norm to attend, or simply respond to emails he has sent out about the picnic.
If you are new to the picnic, the location is several miles east of the town of Sarasota in the country.
You will almost never find it without GPS.

The picnic goes on rain or shine. The Wagler house has a very large screened in porch to hold us all.