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August 2019

True Worshipers

Romans 13: Love

Romans 12: Living Sacrifices

July 2019

Romans 11: Natural Branches

Something More in Life (Week 3): Missional Living

Something More in Life (Week 2): Missional Living

Something More In Life (Week 1): Missional Living

June 2019

2019 Patriotic Service

Romans (Week 10): Saved By Faith, Not Works

Showing Grace

In Light Of Mercy

Give It All Away 2019 (Week 3): The Heart

May 2019

Give It All Away (2019) Week 2: Why Does God Ask us To Give?

Give It All Away (Week 1): Poor, Orphan & Widow

Mother’s Day 2019

Tips For Prayer (Week 2): Practice

April 2019

Tips for Prayer (Week 1): How To Get Answers

Jesus (Week 5): The Resurrection

Jesus (Week 4): Hosanna

Jesus (Week 3): My Lord & My God