Norm’s Notes                                                                                                         February 4, 2019
Random Thoughts from Here and There
My wife, Linda, has been selected to be in the jury pool for three different courts, all at the same time! She has the possibility to be on the Steuben County Superior Court, Circuit Court, and Federal Court in Fort Wayne. She talked to some friends in the court system and they said they had never heard of anyone being selected to all three courts at the same time. Needless to say, she is not happy. If she is actually called to jury duty, and she probably will be to one or more of them, she is giving all rascals and worse-than-rascals fair warning. She is going to determine whether you are naughty or nice more than the guy in the red and white suit did two months ago. If you are a bad person, she will see you have a long time to think about your actions. I gave you fair warning to behave!
At the close of a funeral I conducted a few weeks ago a young man that I was meeting for the first time came up to me and said when he was serving in Iraq someone in our congregation wrote him letters about once a month. The letter writer had very nice penmanship and he kept all these letters. Just the week before that funeral his wife had vacuum sealed all his military service things and stored them in a secure place. He could not remember the name of the person who wrote the letters. Thank you to the FMC person who wrote the letters to a young man far away from home. You made a lasting impact on him. 
The abortion laws just passed in New York and talked about in Virginia are EVIL in capital letters. How can they cheer when they pass a law that says its OK to kill the child up to one minute before birth (New York) and talk about even killing the baby after it is born (Virginia) if the mother and doctor determine they don’t “want” the baby. God help us!
I talked to someone is Florida on the phone last week who was complaining how cold it was in Florida. I just let them talk; never mentioned how cold it was here.
I heard someone say “I have “30” t-shirts that have a logo or saying on them. I wear the same three or four all the time but I am not giving away any of the others just in case I need one someday. How many men can identify with that?
See you Sunday!
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