A note from Pastor Joel:
We will continue to have virtual services for the next two weeks.
Remember, the church is open from 10-12 on Sunday mornings for you to come, fellowship,
worship, watch the service together and pray. We only ask that you wear a mask and social distance.
Thank you for your grace and mercy as we continue to move forward.
I have continually been reminded that the church is not the building, but the people!

Pre-service countdown starts at 10:25 & the message at 10:30 am.
The radio broadcast on Fox 92.7 FM Angola will be the message only at 10:30 am.
The current Sunday’s Message will be available in the archive by 11:00 am.

Advent 2020
The prophet Isaiah saw in his vision
a light shining on the forlorn and weary Israel.
They had been wandering in the
“valley of the shadow of death”,
almost as in the gloom of Sheol itself.
The return of some of the inhabitants
of the region to their allegiance to Jehovah and to the house of David
may have been the reasons for Isaiah’s hope.
     All the world was in darkness
when Christ came.
He shone in the darkness
and gave hope to
everyone who believed in Him.


It is with sad hearts that Fairview is announcing we will not be having Bethlehem Marketplace in December of 2020.  With the best interest of everyone in mind, we don’t believe we can put on this event and ensure everyone’s health.  People travel from all over the region and are packed tightly in small, poorly ventilated areas.  We have done BMP for the last

    30 years and we look forward to doing it again December 4th & 5th, 2021.  

Thank you for understanding.  

We pray that God will bless your Christmas season as we celebrate and remember the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



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Fairview Kids Ministry
strives to teach children
how to love, serve,
and obey Christ.
Our desire is that
each child understands that life is about having a relationship with
Jesus Christ, who wants to be our Savior and
Best Friend.
FSM youth group at
Fairview Missionary Church is for students grades 6-12!
Sunday Youth & Wednesday Youth Group
videos will be
provided here.
     Men’s Ministries
Join us as we consider what it looks like to be faithful,
Godly men in an
ever-changing world.
The purpose of Men’s Ministry is to equip men to be intentional spiritual investors in their marriages, with their children,
at their workplaces,and at church.
Women’s Ministries
We have a variety of activities for women
of all ages at
Fairview Missionary Church.
Please click on the logo for more details!
For 20-something adults
2nd & 4th Friday nights
of each month


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We will continue to be a Bible-believing church in all areas of life
no matter the consequences.
We will stand for truth.
We will do our best to take care of the poor,
the orphan and the widow (social injustice).
We will be a praying church.
We will reach the lost.
We will focus on allowing families
to worship together.
We will build, as necessary to move forward.
We will have fun!
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