A Baby Will Come

Verse 1

The kings of this world
Have torn it apart
But we can take heart
A baby will come

Verse 2

To the hungry and meek
To those who grieve
To the broken in need
A baby will come

Verse 3

We have known pain
We’ve felt death’s sting
God help us believe
This baby will come

Verse 4

The angel appeared
Said do not fear
For peace is here
A baby has come

Verse 5

The advent of life
Let hope arise
We’ve our Savior and Christ
The baby has come

Verse 6

We’ve waited so long
God for Your mighty arm
May our doubts ever calm
For the baby has come

Verse 7

The proud will be low
The humble will know
They’re valued and loved
For the baby has come

Verse 8

Cause the kings of this world
Won’t have the last word
That God is Yours
For the baby has come


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Bill Wolf
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