Bethlehem Marketplace

 Our 30th year!

New this year:  To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we will have two live camels near the front entrance of the church!
The camels love to eat carrots. They cannot and will not eat too many carrots. Therefore, families are encouraged to bring carrots for the camels. The “price of admission” is a carrot for the camels!
Bethlehem Marketplace:
  • Thank you for the wonderful tour through Bethlehem Marketplace…read the entire letter here.
  • I have been to Jerusalem and this is the closest experience to the old city of Jerusalem I have ever seen.
  • Our first experience with Fairview was Bethlehem Marketplace, probably about 8-9 years ago.  I remember thinking what a wonderful outreach into the community this is.  The next year we brought friends whose granddaughter was about 8 and came with them.  When she came to the Nativity scene she just spontaneously dropped to her knees in worship!
  • 4 stars and 2 thumbs up.
  • You enter into another time and world when you walk those streets.
  • I have never experienced anything like this before.
  • Rated PG; some of it is too realistic for kids.
  • A living history lesson
  • This must have been what it was like in Biblical times.
  • One of the Tri-State area’s most dramatic presentations of the Christmas story.
  • I am bringing my whole church next year. They have to experience this.
  • This was my first time to walk through the Bethlehem Village, and I was amazed. I plan to come again next year and bring my grandkids!