JESUS. The name above all names. God became man to walk among His people—love them, lead them, and ultimately die for them. But the story didn’t end there.


JESUS Loves:  Woman At The Well

For all the times she went to fetch water, feeling alone and ashamed, the woman at the well never imagined that she’d encounter Jesus—a man who knew all about her, and yet, did not judge her.  We discover God sees, knows, loves, and forgives us.


JESUS Saves:  Peter

Peter recounts the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem with crowds chanting, ““Hosanna in the highest! Salvation has come!” Others finally figured out what he already knew—that Jesus was the one who will save us when we call His name. We discover what it means to trust Jesus.


JESUS Died:  Joseph of Arimathea

Joseph of Arimathea followed Jesus during His ministry and watched Him die. Joseph felt called to step up and bury Jesus—to do one thing for the man who did so much for him. Joseph discovers the reality of Jesus’ death.


JESUS Rose:  Easter Anthem

There is no grave that can hold Jesus! We Celebrate the risen Savior on Easter morning and we’re reminded of the miraculous resurrection of the Son of God, who came to die for each of us.


JESUS Reigns:  Thomas

Thomas wasn’t known as a doubter when Jesus was alive; He was a fierce follower and believer. But when Jesus returned from the grave, Thomas needed to see and touch his wounds before he could reconcile what he was seeing.  We are similar as we examine our faith in Jesus as Thomas did.