Fairview College Scholarship

Fairview Missionary Church realizes that certain colleges are in close doctrinal harmony with the Missionary Church in educating future full-time Christian workers and lay leaders.  We feel that those students within our congregation who attend distinctively Christian colleges should be partially supported financially by our local church as they attend such institutions. 
Please see our College Scholarship Fund Brochure for more information and the FMC College Scholarship Packet with more details.
If you are a regular attender of FMC and are heading to a Christian College, you should take advantage of the FMC College Scholarship.  In addition to this fund which awards up to $1000 a school year, some Christian colleges have a church matching grant.  When added to the money from FMC, you could get $2000 towards tuition.  
If you are a senior in high school and plan to attend a “distinctively” Christian school as outlined by the CCCU’s requirements, and your school is on their list of approved institutions, click the FMC Scholarship Application link and complete the form and submit the form to Pastor Jake. If you currently receive the scholarship and would like to apply again, follow the link and complete the application. 
You will also need to complete your school’s church matching form. (See the links below.) Please print the form, complete your portion, and then either email the form to Pastor Jake (jake@fairviewangola.com), or put a hard copy in his mailbox that he will need to fill out and fax in. In order to receive the FMC Scholarship BOTH the digital application and the Church Matching Form need to be submitted to Jake Shipe every year you wish to receive the scholarship. If not completed and submitted, funds will not be awarded to students that year.
Quick Links
Church Matching Form Links
Dates to remember
March 1st or 3 weeks prior to your school’s “Church Matching” deadline, turn in your school’s form to Pastor Jake.
By the end of May, submit the FMC Digital Scholarship Application
By the end of July, submit the digital record form for 15-20 Volunteer hours
Before you leave for  school, complete 15-20 Volunteer hours
Through a special arrangement between FMC and Bethel University, we have established a scholarship fund at Bethel to help givers and FMC students attending Bethel.