Fairview Missionary Church’s Getting Back 2 Church Initiative

I am excited to announce that our first service back in the building will be June 14th, 2020.  These last 8 weeks have been a strange and unexpected time for the church.  The doors to the building have been closed, but the door to our Heavenly Father continues to be wide open.  God has used this time to strengthen the church and expand His kingdom.  There are countless stories to be shared of how this crisis has actually been a blessing to many.  You have been a huge blessing to me and this community.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Below you will find two documents.  The first document is our Five Phase Plan on re-opening the doors of Fairview Missionary Church.  The second document lists the new procedures we will be taking to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Before you open these documents let me make a few points.
1.     God is still on His throne and we will continue to put our faith in Him.
2.     There is no perfect plan that can guarantee everyone’s safety or make everyone happy.
3.     Some of these procedures will feel uncomfortable at first, please know they are uncomfortable for us as well.  We are making the best decisions we can with the current information we have.
4.     The emotional responses to the Coronavirus are different for everyone.  These responses range on a spectrum from “Don’t care” to “Real/Sometimes debilitating fear”.  You will have people on opposite ends of the spectrum sitting with you on a Sunday morning.  Remember, we are in the same storm, but in different boats.
5.      Therefore, remember to offer GRACE, MERCY and LOVE to those who perceive this situation different than you!
6.     Do not allow the enemy to divide the church (our family) over this situation and how we may perceive it differently.
7.      God is still on His throne and we will continue to put our faith in Him.
Some may wonder why we are waiting until June 14th to have Sunday services again.
1.     We have an older congregation and even though we may ask them to stay home, when the church doors are open, they will want to be here.  I want to protect them.
2.     Governor Eric Holcomb has allowed churches to open their doors starting May 8th, but all other social gatherings are limited to 100 or fewer starting May 24th and 250 or fewer starting June 14th.
3.     Governor Holcomb said on Monday May 4th, “When it came down to making the ultimate decision on places of worship, we said we’d recommend this now to see, as we look back 14 days or 21 days, what effect it might have.  If we can manage this, it gives us a lot of confidence in some other arenas as well.  We thought a good place to start or have a control group would be places of worship-that these would be, in my mind, most responsible.  But I did say we needed these church leaders to be responsible for their congregations.”  Therefore, I’d rather let other churches be the “control group” for a few weeks and keep our people safe.
Click here for the “Getting Back 2 Church Initiative”, in other words, the Re-Opening Plan.
Click here for the “Safety Procedures”.
In God’s Love,