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We would love to have you participate as a seller!  Our sellers waiting list in now open!

The only way to get your name on the waiting list is to email the children’s resale email asking to be put on the sellers waiting list: (yahoo mail)
Sellers are charged a nonrefundable $5 fee (to cover resale expenses) and are given a seller’s packet complete with timeline of clothing drop-off & pick-up, list of acceptable items, clothing tags, and full instructions on “how to”.  We would be happy to email you a packet. 
We ask that ALL unsold items be picked up during the designated pick-up time of Saturday, April 9th from 5-6 PM, at the church. If you are not able to make it during this time, please let us know who will be picking up your items. Also, please let us know if you would like your money given to them, or if you would like a check mailed to you the following week. Also please remember, if you are planning to keep your seller spot for the following sale, be prepared to pay your $5 seller fee.
We trust you have all adapted the new rule of only 1 seller per number. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.
Drop-off will begin April 4th! We will send a reminder email a few weeks prior to then, but anytime is
a good time to start tagging your items.

Sizes for the upcoming sale include:

Infant: Preemie, 0-3 m, 3 m, 3-6 m, 6 m, 6-9 m, 9 m, 9-12 m, 12 m, 12-18 m, 18 m, 18-24 m, 24 m

Toddler Sizes:  2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 6X,

Girls Sizes:  7, 8, 9, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18

Juniors:  0, 1, 3

Boys Sizes: 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16 , 16-18, 18-20

Shoes:  Infant/toddler  (0-13)  Kids (0-6)


Because our sale is an biannual event, this sale’s focus is on fall and winter clothing only.  

In addition to clothing and shoes, other acceptable items include:  toys, bedding, strollers, high chairs, cribs, swings, diaper bags, books, movies, women’s books, baby accessories, etc.

Each seller is given a specific seller number to use when tagging their items. Sellers price their own items in $.25 increments.  Items must be clean, show minimal wear, and work properly. Certain items must be on hangers as instructed in the seller’s packet. 

Sellers receive 90% of the price of items sold if they volunteer a 3-hour shift during the resale week. The remaining 10% will be given to the Compassion Pregnancy Center in Angola. Sellers who don’t volunteer will earn an 85%/15% split. Sellers have two options for tagging their items. By using a yellow tag, unsold items will be donated.  By using an assigned color tag, unsold items will be picked up by the seller.

Anyone interested in participating as a seller must have a seller’s packet which includes more specific details. 

For more information or to receive a seller’s packet, please email us at: (yahoo mail)