C.A.R.S. Ministry

Instead of trading in that old car, why not give your car to the church? Our CARS Ministry needs good, used vehicles it can either fix up and sell or fix up and give away to others in need.

A word about CARS . . . CARS stands for Christian Auto Repair Service. It is a group of approximately 10 volunteers at Fairview who do oil changes and minor auto repairs for regular attenders of Fairview who ordinarily could not afford to have the work done. (At this time the ministry is limited to regular attenders of Fairview.) The parts and labor for the repairs are at no charge to the auto owner. The men get the funds for the repairs by selling donated cars and by donations designated to the ministry through the offerings. C.A.R.S. is self supporting. This ministry is located in the church barn south of the church and takes place on the second Saturday of each month.

WHAT type of vehicle can be given to the ministry? Any good, running vehicle that has at least 20,000 miles of use left on it.

WHY give your good condition vehicle to the church? 1. Most of the time you get little or no trade in value for your used vehicle from a dealer. Generally speaking, the price of the car you are buying goes up by the trade-in value you receive. If you don’t trade in a vehicle at the time of purchase, the price of the newer car is actually less than if you trade in a vehicle. 2. Tax write off. Your gift to the church is tax deductible.

WHEN should I give a used vehicle? You may make a donation anytime keeping in mind what year you want your tax deduction.

HOW do I give my good, used vehicle to the CARS Ministry? Simply bring your vehicle to the church and park it in the church parking lot just north of the garage. Please do not park it in front of the garage. Give the keys and the signed title to Michelle in the church office. We will ask you to fill out another form asking for information on the car (repairs needed, if any, what value you place on it, etc.) If you have any questions about the paper work, please ask. The License Branch is very particular about how things are done. You will receive the appropriate IRS documents and a donor letter from the church for tax purposes.

WHAT NOT to donate to the CARS Ministry: 1. Vehicles that have no or very little value or cars that need major repairs before others can drive it. 2. Cars that do not run. If the car cannot be driven to the church and then start again once it gets there, we cannot use it. 3. If your vehicle is best used for parts or for salvage, we ask you to scrap it yourself, please, then donate the money to the CARS Ministry. 4. Cars that need major body work. If the car has large areas of rust or has been in a serious accident, we cannot use it.

WHAT happens to my vehicle after I donate it? The men of the CARS Ministry go over it and check it out and make repairs as needed. Sometimes it is given to a Fairview attender who needs a better car than the one they are driving. Sometimes the car is sold to the first person to offer the right price. Some of the cars you have seen out by the road in the church parking lot with a For Sale sign on them are from the CARS Ministry.

Questions about the paperwork, title, etc., for donated cars should be directed to Michelle in the church office, 260-665-8402 or email Michelle.
Specific questions about specific vehicles and/or questions about whether your car is in good enough condition to donate to the CARS ministry should be directed to Ed Teegardin at 260-668-3356 or quadracycle@metalink.net.

A HUGE THANK YOU to those who have donated vehicles to this ministry and an even bigger THANK YOU to the men of the CARS Ministry. This is one of the most practical ministries of the church.


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