Joel Greenwood
Lead Pastor
Favorite Candy Bar:  Twix (Chocolate); Skittles (Fruity)
Favorite Sports’ Team:  University of Michigan Wolverines (College); Detroit Tigers (Baseball); Detroit Lions (Football); Detroit Pistons (Basketball); Detroit Red Wings (Hockey)
Favorite Bible Story:  David & Goliath
What brought you to FMC and why did you stay?:  I came to FMC as a youth pastor in 2004 with my new wife whom I had married a month prior.  It seemed like a great opportunity to love teens and make an impact. I stayed because the people here are so friendly, the staff is great to work with and we’ve seen God do some pretty amazing things.
Hobbies:  Golf, Wood Working, Eating, Hanging with Friends
Joel graduated with honors from Bethel College (University) in 2004 with a degree in Christian Ministries. In 2012 he received a Masters of Ministry Degree from Bethel. He joined the staff of FMC in the summer of 2004. Joel and his wife, Karolyn, have a son, Micah Samuel, born April 1st, 2010 as well as two daughters, Moriah Esther, born January 4th, 2013 and Hannah Abigail, born September 13, 2017. Joel served as the Director of Teen Ministries from 2004 to 2013.
Joel completed the transition into his role as Lead Pastor on Sunday, January 25, 2015.
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