Joel’s Journal 04-20-21

Snow! For real? I am not going to complain about the weather because I know God is in charge of this, but I can say I don’t understand the reason why. The good news for me is that it won’t last long. I told the secretaries on Monday that I was going to go home and mow my yard for my workout that day because I had to get it done before it snowed. I think that is the first time I have ever said that.  Needless to say, my yard is very green and growing like crazy right now. My neighbor has a tree that gets pink flowers on it every Spring. I am not sure what type of tree it is (maybe a decorative crab apple), but the smell of the flowers is my favorite. They aren’t out yet, but I see them coming. I can’t wait. They usually only last for a couple weeks.
On Sunday afternoon my wife and kids went on a trip to Roanoke IN to pick up a “Tag-Along bike thing” that can be attached to Karolyn’s bike for Hannah (my 3-year-old) to ride on. She found it on Facebook garage sales and had been looking for one. I was a little bummed I couldn’t go with them because I had a meeting to attend. I was mostly bummed because they were going to stop in Auburn for lunch at Culver’s. I try to never miss out on a Culver’s run.
I received a text from Karolyn while I was at the Life Group Training event on Sunday after church and she asked me to pray for her. She said that on their way to Culver’s Moriah (my 8-year-old) had gotten sick. Moriah struggles with car sickness. So, right after they got out of the van at Culver’s, before they even went in, Moriah got sick and they had to get back in the van and try to figure out what to do. Karolyn ended up going to Walmart, Kroger’s and CVS before she finally found some children’s Dramamine and some of the kids’ wrist things that put pressure on a certain spot to help with sickness. After the Dramamine and bands Moriah felt better and they went to Culver’s and ate. Do any of your kids suffer from car sickness? If so, what works for them?
Why do I share all this with you? On Sunday we talked about “bad” things and “good” things and how sometimes our perception is skewed. I initially thought it was a bad thing that I didn’t get to go with my wife and kids to Culver’s. But, after hearing what happened I was glad I wasn’t there 😉. I’d rather not see my kids get sick. I have a weak stomach and probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the food much anyway. I also was able to golf on Sunday afternoon for the first time this season while Karolyn and my kids picked up the “Tag-along” and drove home. It was a “Win-Win”. My wife is a trooper. I love her a lot.
One last thing…I love The Chosen. I am trying to get a clip from Season 2 episode 3 to show you all on Mother’s Day. If you haven’t watched this series, you are missing out. You can watch it for free through The Chosen App.  Have a great week.
In God’s Love,
Joel R. Greenwood