Joel’s Journal 04/27/21

Well, I received my second Covid vaccine yesterday afternoon. So far I have been grateful to not have any bad side effects except a really sore arm. I can’t believe how bad my arm hurts though. What exactly is it that makes your arm hurt after you get a shot? I don’t know the answer to that, but I am sure I could find it on Google. I pray you are all staying safe and healthy this Spring.
Last week when I was writing Joel’s Journal it was snowing. This week it is sunny and almost 79 degrees. If you are having sinus issues I might know why. My kids made a snowman last Wednesday in the shade of my house. The snowman lasted until Saturday evening right before we went to bed, then I mowed my yard again on Sunday afternoon. It has been a crazy Spring so far with the weather.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) night we are having a Praise & Prayer night at 6:45. The youth will be joining us again in the sanctuary. I am looking forward to this time together. Make sure you come with your favorite Bible verse or most meaningful Bible verse because there will be an opportunity to share that with everyone. We decided to have this praise & prayer evening because Pastor Sam is getting ordained on Sunday. This will be the third time we have tried to have this service for him. Please pray nothing crazy happens this time. I hope you will join us either Wednesday evening, Sunday morning or both!
Right now my family’s favorite game to play together is “Unstable Unicorns”! It is a card game of strategy and makes you think a lot. If you haven’t played it, you should give it a try. It will take a few times to get used to, but then I think you’ll enjoy it. Sometimes we have to deal with huge emotions because our family is very competitive and there are plenty of opportunities in the game to stop someone else from winning. This game is from the makers of “Exploding Kittens”. And just so you know, no kittens or unicorns are hurt during gameplay.
Helpful reminder! Mother’s Day is May 9th. Make sure you don’t forget the Moms in your life. We will have a nice gift for all the Moms who come to church that Sunday. I don’t want to give it away, but it might have something to do with a frozen dairy product. Did you know that Mother’s Day is, on average, the 3rd highest attended Sunday of the year. Can you guess the first two? And no, Father’s Day isn’t in the top 10. What’s up with that Dads?
In God’s Love,
Joel R. Greenwood