Joel’s Journal 05-04-21

If you weren’t able to be here on Sunday, we had a great service recognizing Sam’s ordination. It was so nice to have his brother and sister on stage with him to help lead us in worship. His older brother is the worship leader at Wakarusa Missionary Church. Sam has been a blessing to FMC over the last few years and a true “God send” in the midst of losing Pastor Glenn. If you see Sam this week, you can now call him Reverend 😉.
This week we are going to take another step towards “normal”. We will be taking down the black ropes that have been across every other row in the sanctuary. These were put up to help us with physical distance when the pandemic began and we reopened. As more and more people come back to in-person worship, it has actually become harder to physical distance with those rows blocked off. Since Mother’s Day is the third largest attended Sunday of the year we feel this is a good time to take the ropes down. We do ask that you still do your best to physical distance as you sit in the sanctuary. Thank you for your understanding and grace.
This Sunday is Mother’s Day! If you haven’t bought your wife or Mom a card/gift yet, this is your free friendly reminder. All of the women that come on Wednesday or Sunday this week are encouraged to grab a coupon for a free ice cream at Scoop’s. We have done flowers in the past, but some women have been jealous that the men get candy bars on Father’s Day, so this year you get ice cream. You can even go and get it alone and the leave the family home if you want. I recommend Mint Chocolate Chip, but Cookie Monster is good as well. You really can’t go wrong, it is frozen sugar after all.
This last weekend my family and I went down to Ft Wayne to eat lunch with some old friends. No, they aren’t old by age, but just moved away 8 years ago. We had a great time catching up with them as they were driving back to Colorado from Pennsylvania. After lunch my family went to Costco to pick up some stuff. I could not believe how busy it was. I much prefer to go during the week when I don’t have hundreds of people all around me. Honestly, there had to be 1,000 people in the store or more. It was crazy.
Let me brag on my wife (Karolyn) for a little bit. On Friday I was at a conference in Granger IN all day. When I got home she had mowed our yard (we actually fight over who gets to do it). On Sunday after church I took Micah golfing and my wife decided to mow our neighbor’s yard. Our neighbors are older and the husband just had a stroke so he isn’t able to take care of his yard anymore. When I got home I went over and finished weed whacking while my wife went inside and made them dinner so she could bring it over. Later on Sunday evening, when I was putting my girls to sleep, Karolyn texted me and said she was bringing the leftover cookies she had made to our new neighbors that moved in a few houses down. My wife is awesome! But, I wish she had brought them something else besides the cookies! Maybe, our bananas? Is that wrong of me?
In God’s Love,
Joel R. Greenwood