Joel’s Journal 1-6-22

Joel’s Journal
Entry #20
It has been a long time since I’ve done a Journal. I guess life just got busy, but I hope to get back on track. No, this isn’t a New Year’s Resolution (that would just set me up for failure). As I write this journal entry, my entire family has tested positive for COVID (besides me). Don’t worry, they are all doing well and mostly have cold symptoms. It is interesting how this weird virus affects everyone in such different ways. I am assuming it is the Omicron variant, which scientists say is super contagious. So, why don’t I have it? No clue, but I’m okay with that. I pray you are all staying safe and healthy this new year.
On February 5th my wife and I hope to be in Sarasota, Florida with FMC attenders at the Waglers’ house. We have quite a few “snow birds” that head to Florida in the winter and spend their summers here in Steuben County. A few years ago these individuals decided to meet and have a picnic while in Florida. This picnic averages around 30-40 people every year. Last year they did not meet because of COVID. This will be my first time attending the picnic. They decided to plan it around my schedule so I could be there. I was going to be in Florida anyway for a pastors conference in the Orlando area. We went to this Missionary Church conference last year for the first time and it was extremely beneficial for my wife and I. It is a small conference with about 15-20 Missionary Churches represented who average over 500 in attendance. It is nice to hear from other pastors and pastors wives during this strange time. I hope COVID is out of our house in time for us to go!
Our Life Group hasn’t met in a while due to the holidays and I miss them. We were supposed to meet this Sunday evening, but now with COVID we will have to wait again. I can’t wait to get together with them again. I love my Life Group. We have grown a lot over the last year and I very much enjoy their company. It is nice to just have a group of people that you can be yourself with. 
Confession Time: I ate way too many sweets over the last month. I think I can officially say I am addicted to sugar! After every meal I want to have a cookie or a piece of candy or something sweet. I find that I have great self-control in the area of exercise, but horrible self-control in the area of eating. Isn’t this true in our spiritual lives as well? I might not struggle with the same sin as my brother, and it would be easy to judge him, but I have my own struggles that are just as real to me. We should encourage each other and not tear each other down in our struggles. 
Okay, that is all for now. I hope you are staying warm and doing well. Have a great week.
In God’s Love,
Joel R Greenwood