Join A Small or Fellowship Group

Join a small or fellowship group. There are approximately 50 small groups that meet weekly or bi-weekly at FMC. There is one for you, too! 
Small Groups meet at least bi-weekly and have some type of Bible study/Christian living material as  the emphasis. They can either meet at the church or in a home. 
Fellowship Groups have fellowship and relationship as the main emphasis. The goals of these groups are to meet people, make friends, and get to know others better. These groups usually have a small devotion time, but it is not the emphasis of the group. These groups can either meet at the church or in the home on a monthly basis.
If you are not now in a small gathering and would like to be in one, please contact Pastor Jake Shipe, 665-8402 or email him.
Jake asks: In three sentences tell me a little about yourself.