Keri Andrews
Favorite Candy Bar:  Chocolate covered almonds
Favorite Sports Team:  Despite enjoying playing sports, I find watching sports really boring.  However, I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to go to a New York Yankees game.
Favorite Bible Story:  The story of Ruth
What brought you to FMC and why did you stay?:  I came to Fairview with my family in early 2014 after hopping around and trying different churches for a number of years.  We had just had a baby and wanted to have some stability in our church home, as well as a good place for our son to grow up in his faith.  Fairview was a great fit!
Hobbies:  Home projects, spending time with friends and family, reading home design & Disney World blogs
Keri graduated from Huntington University in 2009. She and her husband, Luke, have been attending Fairview since 2013. They have two sons, Henry and Theo. Keri joined the staff as an assistant in Children’s Ministry in February of 2018, and enjoys planning, organizing, and helping out in any way she can!