Is God calling you to lead?
Are you interested in being in a Life Group?
Sunday, August 22 right after first & second service there will be an informational meeting
for those interested in leading a new LIfe Group.
*This meeting will also be for ALL who are interested in being in a Life Group!*
Weekly, people are asking to be in a group.
Almost all of our current groups are at capacity and cannot take anymore people.
We need more leaders! 
You do not have to be a Bible scholar or the most charismatic person in the room to lead a group.
The key ingredient for this role is that you care about others growing in their relationship with Jesus and you are willing to be intentional about helping them do that. 
Join us Sunday, August 22 to see how God is asking you to take your next step towards Christ. 
–Pastor Jake Shipe

Watch the video above with Pastor Joel explaining Life Groups and answering questions
others had during the Virtual Connection Event on Sunday, December 13, 2020.
We are so excited about the direction that God is taking our church family. It has been made abundantly clear that Life Groups are the right direction. I need everyone who is not currently in a Life Group to complete the following survey.
Click here to complete the survey. 
The purpose of the survey is to get your group preferences. Once we have them, the Life Group leadership team will assist in putting groups together. What we WON’T do, is simply take your info, create a group for you and tell you that you have to be in that group for the Rooted series. What we WILL do: Take your info, find other people with similar preferences and then contact you and make a suggestion. It is possible that you may be asked to facilitate your group as each group needs a leader. 
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