Local Mission Field

Some Interesting Facts About
Steuben County
34,185  Residents in
     Steuben County
 8,612  in Angola
 2,138  in Fremont
 1,532  in Hamilton
    434  in Orland
17,500 Residents work in
            Steuben County
Did you know…
there are
 101 lakes
  30 campgrounds
  11 parks &
    8 golf courses
1/3 of the homes are seasonally occupied (empty in the winter; packed full in the summer). 
It is estimated that 100,000 to 125,000 people are spending their weekends in Steuben County on the summer holiday:  Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day.
Church Information
76 churches in Steuben County
10,000 approximate attenders
Only 29% of local residents
go to church.
That means 24,000 people in Steuben County claim no church home.
Fairview is one of 20,000 Missionary denomination congregations around the world in 100 countries and in the US with over 500 churches. The largest concentration of Missionary Churches anywhere in the world is in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. There are 100 churches in this geographical area; there are 7 Missionary Churches within 30 miles of Angola.