Audio Sermon Archive

July 2022

2022 Patriotic Service: Love and Truth

June 2022

Baptism 2022: Why?

Father’s Day 2022: Ephesians 5:1-14

Give It All Away 2022 (Week 3) Give It All Away

Give It All Away 2022 (Week 2) An Encounter with Jesus

May 2022

Give It All Away 2022 (Week 1) Follow My Example

Out With the Old (Week 4) The Day of the Lord

Out With the Old (Week 3) Where is Justice?

Mother’s Day 2022 You Point Us to God

Out With the Old (Week 2) Breaking the Covenant

April 2022

Out with the Old (Week 1) Malachi: Introduction

Same God (Week 5) Jesus; the Perfect Representation

Same God (Week 4): Amid the Weakness, God has a plan and offers us Hope

Same God (Week 3) Amid the Unknown, God Has a Plan and Offers Us Hope

March 2022

Same God (Week 2) Amid the Battles, God Has A Plan and Offers Hope

Same God (Week 1): Calling on the God of Jacob

Unity Over Preference 2022 (Week 2) Church History

Unity over Preference 2022 (Week 1): The Roof of Our House

February 2022

A Kairos Moment (Week 2): Working the Circle

A Kairos Moment: Saul to Paul