Audio Sermon Archive

July 2020

Vision Going Forward: Changed Lives


June 2020


Father’s Day 2020: Different Love

Be The Church (Week 2): Back Together

Be The Church (Week 1): The Early Church

May 2020

Grace When Gathering (Week 3): I Follow…

Grace When Gathering (Week 2): Be Kind

Grace When Gathering (Week 1): What To Expect

Mother’s Day 2020

Coronavirus: Truth Vs. Fear (Week 3): From Fear to Growth

April 2020

Coronavirus: Truth vs. Fear (Week 2): Opportunity for Growth

Coronavirus: Truth vs Fear (Week 1)

He is Alive (Week 3): Easter Sunday

He is Alive (Week 2): Palm Sunday

March 2020

He is Alive (Week 1): Jesus’ Directives

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The Word Became Flesh (Week 13): Streams of Living Water

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The Word Became Flesh (Week 12): The Feast of Tabernacles

The Word Became Flesh (Week 11): Word of Eternal Life

The Word Became Flesh (Week 10): The Bread of Life