Audio Sermon Archive

May 2019

Mother’s Day 2019

Tips For Prayer (Week 2): Practice

April 2019

Tips for Prayer (Week 1): How To Get Answers

Jesus (Week 5): The Resurrection

Jesus (Week 4): Hosanna

Jesus (Week 3): My Lord & My God

March 2019

Jesus (Week 2): Out of the Darkness

Jesus (Week 1): The Woman At The Well

Romans (Week 9): God’s Mercy

Romans (Week 8): More Than Conquerers

Romans (Week 7): The Law

February 2019

The Greatest of These is Love (Week 3): Made Himself Nothing

The Greatest of These is Love (Week 2): The Love Chapter

The Greatest of These is Love (Week 1): A New Command

Reclaiming Ezra (Week 4): Hardened Hearts

January 2019

Annual Business Meeting / Vision Casting 2019

Reclaiming Ezra (Week 3): Opposition

Reclaiming Ezra (Week 2): Rebuilding the Temple

Ezra & The Temple (Week 1): Overview

December 2018

The Word Became Flesh (Week 6): Savior of the World