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November 2019

The Story of Joseph (Week 4): Do You Trust Him?

October 2019

The Story of Joseph (Week 3): The Lord Was With Joseph

The Story of Joseph (Week 2): Small Decisions

Lessons from Joseph (Week 1): Difficult Conversations

The Word Became Flesh (Week 9): It is I

September 2019

Family Sunday: The Story of Joseph

The Word Became Flesh (Week 8): Says Who?

The Word Became Flesh (Week 7): From Death to Life

Romans 15 & 16: One Heart & Mouth

Romans 14: No Stumbling Block

August 2019

Flourishing Life

Guest Speaker:  John Lewis

True Worshipers

Romans 13: Love

Romans 12: Living Sacrifices

July 2019

Romans 11: Natural Branches

Something More in Life (Week 3): Missional Living

Something More in Life (Week 2): Missional Living

Something More In Life (Week 1): Missional Living

June 2019

2019 Patriotic Service

Romans (Week 10): Saved By Faith, Not Works