Inspiring, encouraging, and equipping men to Be disciples, who lead in their home,
church and community;
and Make other disciples.


If you are a  man  and you call Fairview home, you are a part of [ Fairview Men ], or [ FM ]. The goal of

[FM]   is to create a “Be one, Make one” culture. 

If you are a  man  regularly attending Fairview, it should be your goal to be a Godly man. If you have a wife, it should be your goal to be a Godly husband, and if you have children, it should be your goal to be a Godly father. 

We often focus most of our time and energy on being one . . . Godly man, Godly husband, Godly father etc., but God has not only called us to be one, but to make one as well. 

Please join us, whether in class on Wednesday nights, for breakfast on Friday mornings, or at one of our events to learn more about “being one, so you can make one.”
[ Fairview Men ] Leadership
Our next Group Devotional begins soon!
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