Michelle Bruns

Office Manager
260-665-8402  Extension:  306
Favorite Candy Bar:  Twix or Take 5
Favorite Sports Team:  Only time I care or pay attention is during March Madness when the staff has filled out brackets
(I actually won one year!). The rest of the time I probably don’t even know who’s playing. If I do watch a game, I root for the team with the prettiest uniforms.
Favorite Bible Story:  Probably Esther and Mordecai’s words that if she kept silent God would save the Jews another way and that maybe she came to that spot in the kingdom “for such a time as this”.
What brought you to FMC and why did you stay?:  We started attending FMC in 1988. The first Sunday we were here we discovered we knew a lot of people already, and we felt very welcome. It already felt like we’d been coming for a long time and that made it easy to stay. 
My hobbies are reading, word puzzles and jigsaw puzzles, and sometimes cooking and trying new recipes. I love to take my dogs for a walk too, but they are getting too old to go very far any more, though they still try.

Michelle is the office manager. She has been attending Fairview since 1988, joined the staff in 1991, and had been Pastor Norm’s secretary from 1998 until his retirement in July 2020. She keeps the financial records for the church and knows more about the day to day running of the church than anyone on staff. She has a son and a daughter, both married.

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