Small Groups & Fellowship Groups

Due to the size of our church, many in the congregation do not know others they are worshiping with on Sundays. We have found that by offering a variety of groups, individual needs are met for spiritual growth as well as helping develop friendships.
We use two terms to describe our group ministry, small groups and fellowship groups.

         Small Groups

               Fellowship Groups
Small Groups meet at least bi-weekly and have some type of Bible study/Christian living material as  the emphasis. They can either meet at the church or in a home. 
   Adult Sunday
Fellowship Groups have fellowship and relationship as the main emphasis. The goals of these groups are to meet people, make friends, and get to know others better. These groups usually have a small devotion time, but it is not the emphasis of the group. These groups can either meet at the church or in the home on a monthly basis. We have about 25 full fellowship groups, with more being formed always. Contact Pastor Jake Shipe to join one. 
For 20-something adults who meet on
2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.
More Fellowship Opportunities
Another good way to meet and fellowship with others is to attend events hosted by our adult ministries.  
You are free to check them out at any time. Click on their logos to see all their details.