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Sunday Youth Middle School & High School are back on track!
9:00 – 10:00 am in their rooms upstairs behind the sanctuary

Sunday Youth

September 27 9:00 am – 10:00 am

LOCATION: Fairview Missionary Church Youth Rooms


Pastor Robby is working through the Scriptures with the high school students.

Pastor Mark is in a 3-year process of going through the scripture stories and seeing Jesus and the gospel in it all. 

School Year Wednesday Nights run through the school year.
Youth Campout 2020

Worship ’round the campfire

Archery tag is a HIT!

Mini golf for the win!


This is why you donut miss Youth Campout.

That’s a wrap on our 2020 Youth Campout. If you missed it, make sure you join us next time!

Junior High Youth Pastor
Robby Rasbaugh
Senior High Youth Pastor

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If you are a regular attender of FMC and are heading to a Christian College, you should take advantage of the FMC College Scholarship.  In addition to this fund which awards up to $1000 a school year, some Christian colleges have a church matching grant. When added to the money from FMC, you could get $2000 towards tuition. Read more about this opportunity here: Fairview/Bethel University Scholarship Fund
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