Norm’s Notes                                                        February 25, 2020

Singing God’s Songs at the Hospital
This is the story of my recent visit with Barb Lehman during her physical therapy session at Parkview Randallia. Barb had a stroke on February 13. Her right side was affected – no use of her right arm or right leg. She hears everything but cannot speak hardly at all unless she is singing an old hymn. 
I got to the hospital just as Barb was going for her last PT session for the day. The young (in his 30’s?) therapist and Barb’s husband Bill invited me to go along. So I did. The therapist had me sit across from Barb. Barb was to lean on her right arm that does not function and push herself up straight. During the session Barb only says ugh, ugh. She struggles very hard to do what is needed until the therapist, in a passing comment, says, “Barb, we are going to ask God to bring healing into your arm.” Bill says, “You know, she can speak if she is singing an old hymn.” And Barb starts to sing the word “wonderful” and I finish it with “Grace of Jesus.” Barb’s face lights up and she pushed harder on her right arm. Then she slowly sings “When peace like a river, it is well with my soul.” At that point my emotions lost it and tears started to run down my check. The young therapist lists off 5-7 old hymns he knew – Amazing Grace, Victory in Jesus, How Great Thou Art, among others. I said to myself, how does this “kid” know these songs? His dad sings in the choir at church, he says. That 3-4 minute exchange during the PT session was a big God moment for us all. As the session ends, Barb clearly says, “I want to go to church” and the therapist says, “Maybe church can come to you.”
As we all head back to Barb’s room, I am carrying my handkerchief and wiping my runny nose. We get to her room and the therapist asks, “Barb, would you like me to pray with you?” Barb shakes her head firmly, yes. The therapist kneels by Barb’s wheelchair and takes her hand and offers a prayer that tells me this young man knows the God he is talking to and has a deep walk with Him. He ended the prayer “In Jesus Name, Amen.” I thanked him for his prayer and he firmly shook my hand as he left the room.
That hospital visit was for me as much as it was for Barb and Bill. I left the hospital that day singing this song
That was one of the God sightings I had over the weekend. How about you?
Here is another good song God’s Building a Church.
P.S. I am still working on the business plan for my retirement restaurant. Those I have shared the plan with have listened intently and offered lots of advice to me. More coming sometime in the future.
See you soon.
Caring Pastor