Norm’s Notes                                                                                                                      March 12, 2019

Ty Fuller
October 11, 1999 – March 4, 2019
Son of Glenn and Julia Fuller
Grandson to my brother; great nephew to Linda and me
Ty died in a single car accident 1/4 mile from home. His parents and brothers and sisters will go by the trees he hit for the rest of their lives. Linda and I attended his funeral last Saturday.
He was raised in a church that had Awana and he did it all the way to the Timothy Award which, in his church, meant he had memorized over 100 different verses from the Bible. In the casket with him was his hunting rifle and camouflage covered Bible. Last Easter he sent a text to everyone in his contact list “HE IS RISEN”. One of the slides shown with his pictures said “I stand for the flag and I kneel at the cross.”
After high school he went to welding school and found his niche. One of his creations was 2 and 3 inch metal pipes he made to look like logs in the woods with mushrooms near them. I looked at that a long time to figure out how he did that. He won the statewide competition for his age with that piece.
In his early teens he wanted a dirt bike track to ride his dirt bike on so when his parents were not at home he took the tractor and plow and plowed around the edge of a field to make his dirt bike track. His parents still loved him when they got home. Probably joined him on the new family track. The word most often used to summarize his life was “gentle”. He was a gentle young man.
Glenn and Julia have been foster parents to dozens and dozens of kids over the years. Some would stay in the home for weeks or months, a year maybe. One time Julia even took a plane to California to pick up a newborn baby addicted to crack. Ty was one of those foster kids and they adopted him when he was two years old. A few years ago Julia set out to find the parents and families of the kids who had been in their home over the years – an almost impossible task. She was able to find Ty’s biological mom and dad, brothers and sisters three years ago. They were at the service and sat in the family section. Very touching to see that all lived out. 
One more story. Ty was a New England Patriots fan, big time. The family wanted to recognize that but no sports store in Michigan had any New England sports clothing at this time of year. Julia called the home office of the New England Patriots and told them the situation. The office sent them everything they asked for and more, free of charge. The family had New England Patriots jerseys; all the pall bearers wore Patriots hats. 
God bless you, Ty. You left a very positive impact on a lot of young lives. 
Pray for my family in Michigan. This is the first time a tragedy has happened in that generation of Fullers.
See you Sunday!
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