Norm’s Notes                                                        August 27, 2019

Some stories about domestic violence that have come across my path in recent days.
I visited with a “long lost friend” last week. She could still remember when I told her 35 years ago she was doing the right thing to leave her husband and divorce him because of his violent behavior. She talked about the freedom she felt when she walked out of the courthouse when it was finally over. 
Linda was talking to a person, not from Fairview, who had a friend who was in a violent marriage. She wanted to leave her husband but needed scripture to show she was doing the right thing. They asked me for that scripture. I gave them 1 Corinthians 7:15 – God has called you to live in peace; and Proverbs 11:29 (MSG) – abuse your family and you will end up with a fist full of air. I gave them my thoughts too – God did not make you to be anyone’s punching bag.
With the Children’s Resale coming Saturday, September 14, we always overstock domestic violence literature knowing from past years that this is the first literature that is taken from the women’s restrooms over this week. I had already received most of that literature and put it in the restrooms. Over half of the literature was taken in the first two weeks it was out. Pastor Joel asked me why I thought that was the case. My answer, our congregation is dealing with an issue they do not share about or they know close friends or family who are dealing with domestic violence.
Our family was planning a big wedding in Michigan this summer. Abbey Fuller, my great niece, and Austin have known each other since high school and seemed as normal and loving as they could be. I have talked with both of them many times. About four weeks before the wedding we received a nice big pink postcard in the mail that said “Abbey and Austin’s wedding has been cancelled. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for not asking questions.” I knew our questions would someday be answered. All of our questions were answered last week when Abbey posted on her blog, “My Engagement’s Dark Secret”. It’s long. Some of it is rough language but it’s the truth. Read her blog here.
My heart is heavy today as I write this. This abuse stuff – I do not understand how people get that way.
See you Sunday!
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