Our Values

1.  CHRIST EXHAULTING:  Jesus is the center of our church. We want people to leave service remembering Him, not the band. We seek to accomplish this through humble hearts and tasteful musicianship.
2.  SPIRIT ANOINTED:  Our worship must be Spirit-anointed and Spirit sensitive. Avoiding mere performance, our worship must take people into an encounter with God and prepare their hearts and minds to receive the Word.
3.  BIBLICALLY SOUND:  We filter every song we play through the lens of scripture. No matter how popular, if a song is not in line with God’s written Word, it is not played.
4.  EXCELLENCE:  Our worship team members (vocalists and instrumentalists) must serve with a high level of excellence.
      • Excellence because it is our gift to God and He deserves the best.
      • Excellence because of our need to be effective in ministry. 
      • Excellence because of the size and nature of the ministry.
      • Excellence because of worship being streamed to a large online market.
5.  FRESHNESS AND CREATIVITY:  Variety of arrangements and instrumentation, as well as programmatic creativity is essential. We don’t want to be fresh just for the sake of freshness, but for the sake of effectiveness.
6.  DEPTH OF TEAM:  Developing more instrumentalists and vocalists is essential for long term sustainability. Intentionality of team growth and development is imperative. There needs to be a clear path and strategy for continually incorporating new blood and developing greater depth of the team.