Sandee Sager

260-665-8402  Extension:  321
Favorite Candy Bar:  Reese’s Cup, Caramels, and Red Vine licorice (If it has sugar in it, I like it.)
Favorite Sports Team:  (Baseball) Detroit Tigers, (Football) Dallas Cowboys, (College) University of Michigan…but I don’t watch or follow sports like I used to.
Favorite Bible Story:  I have so many! When Jesus walked on water was great…but, Abraham & Isaac (the sacrifice) having kids of my own, I can’t imagine sacrificing a child. What Amazing faith Abraham had!
What brought you to FMC and why did you stay?:  In 2005 we were searching for a “great” children’s/youth program. People at FMC made us feel like part of a family right away. A short time later I joined the staff.
Hobbies:  Walking with my husband, interior design, reading design magazines, skimming Pinterest, baking, listening to music, spending anytime with my kids!
Family:  Jeff and I will be married 33 years August 12, 2022.
We have two young adult kids:  Our daughter Ashlee is married, lives in Nashville, and is a graduate of Belmont University, Nashville, TN. Our son, Jordan, is a graduate of IUPUI in Indianapolis and also resides in Nashville.
Sandee, with her highly energetic personality, is responsible for our videos on Sunday morning, and keeping the foyer TVs up to date. SMILE – you never know when she will put you in the spotlight!
Sandee and her husband, Jeff, have two children, Ashlee, married, and Jordan, who are both college graduates.
They have been attending FMC since 2005, at which time Sandee joined our staff.
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