July 2021

Faith, Hope & Love; A Walk Through 1 Thessalonians (Week 2): Attacking Your Character

Faith, Hope & Love; A Walk Through 1 Thessalonians: The History

4th of July (2021): Finding the Balance

June 2021

Doing Life Together: Life Groups

Give It All Away 2021 (Week 3) Today is the Day

Give It All Away 2021 (Week 2) The Early Church

May 2021

Give It All Away 2021 (Week 1) Why Do We Give?

The Lord’s Prayer (Week 2) Amen

The Lord’s Prayer (Week 1): Our Father

Mother’s Day (2021) Jesus’ Love for Mary

April 2021

Tough Questions (Week 3) What Happens to People Who Never Hear About Jesus?

Tough Questions (Week 2) Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen to Good People?

Tough Questions (Week 1) How Do I Have a Conversation with Those I Strongly Disagree With?

Easter 2021: He is Risen

March 2021

Daniel (Week 6): The Lion’s Den

Daniel (Week 5): The Handwriting on the Wall

Daniel (Week 4): Dreaming of a Tree

Daniel (Week 3): The Fiery Furnace

February 2021

Daniel (Week 2): The Dream

Praise & Prayer Sunday Morning 02/21/21