February 2020

Israel 2020 (Week 4): Humble Beginnings

January 2020

Israel 2020 (Week 3): Home Base

20/20 Vision: Our Future


Israel 2020 (Week 2): Jesus’ Final Journey

Israel 2020 (Week 1): Who is your King?

December 2019

Some Things Never Change: Death & Taxes

Home for the Holidays (Week 4): The Story of Christmas

Home for the Holidays (Week 3): Too Busy for Joy

Home For the Holidays (Week 2): Season of Giving

Home for the Holidays (Week 1): Are You Prepared?

November 2019

The Story of Joseph (Week 7): Coming Full Circle

The Story of Joseph (Week 5): Moldable

The Story of Joseph (Week 4): Do You Trust Him?

October 2019

The Story of Joseph (Week 3): The Lord Was With Joseph

The Story of Joseph (Week 2): Small Decisions

Lessons from Joseph (Week 1): Difficult Conversations

The Word Became Flesh (Week 9): It is I

September 2019

Family Sunday: The Story of Joseph

The Word Became Flesh (Week 8): Says Who?

The Word Became Flesh (Week 7): From Death to Life