Shelley Rhoades

Church Cleaning Person
Favorite Candy Bar:  Maple Bun Bar

Favorite Sports Team:  I don’t have a favorite. I usually root for the underdog.

Favorite Bible Story:  The sinful woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried his feet with her hair. 

What brought you to FMC and why do you stay?:  I started working at Fairview cleaning in the daycare. I stay because I truly enjoy my job and the people here. 

Hobbies:  Anything that involves being with my children and grandchildren.

Shelley Rhoades has been on the Fairview cleaning crew since 2015. She started in Day Care cleaning during the evenings and now cleans the church during the days. Shelley has been married to Darin for 28 years. They have 3 married children and 4 grandchildren.