Verse 1

To the King of glory and light all praises
To the only Giver of life our Maker
The gates are open wide we worship You

Verse 2

Come see what love has done amazing
He bought us with His blood our Savior
The cross has overcome we worship You

Chorus 1

Shout hosanna Jesus He saves
Shout hosanna He rose from the grave
Come and lift Him up hosanna

Verse 3

Now let the lost be found forgiven
Death could not hold Him down He’s risen
So let the saints cry out we worship You

Misc 1

The same power that rolled the stone away
The same power alive in us today
King Jesus we call upon Your name no other name

Misc 2

(Come and lift Him up) Hosanna
(Come and lift Him up) Hosanna
(Come and lift Him up) Hosanna

CCLI Song # 7038016

  • Brett Younker | Chris Tomlin | Ed Cash | Kristian Stanfill

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