Adult Sunday
All the Small Groups listed below are open to new attenders.
Just show up or better yet, grab some coffee and donuts, grab a friend, and come to an Adult Sunday Small Group!
Coordinator of Small Groups
and Fellowship Groups

8:00 am – For those attending the 9:00 am worship service

Housewarmers Teachers: Dave Cole and Paul Stepp. A study of selected Proverbs. Most of the class is age 60+. S103/104

9:00 am – For those attending the 10:30 am worship service

Family Builders Teachers:  Curt and Kerri Dowell, Chris Belpasso
Dealing with Difficult People   For the age 30-50 age group.
Fireside room (lower level)
New Testament Bible Study Teachers:  Ed Teegardin and Steve Gibson.
A verse-by-verse study of the book of Matthew. Thought-provoking questions from the leader and much discussion. The purpose is to become more Christ-like and people of prayer. All ages are welcome. S101 (Library)
The Abundant Life Teacher: Faith Frey. Fascinating Forgotten Lives by Chuck Swindoll. Lots of discussion. All ages welcome. S103/104
Old Testament Group Teacher: Jonathan Brown. Mostly lecture from an Old Testament scholar. For all ages. S105
Knowing, Loving & Flourishing Teachers:  Mark Skinner, Eric Yoder, and Lori Zacharias. The overall aim is to bring together the spiritually restless, the new in faith, and those continuing on the walk of faith to learn to know God better, to encourage each other and to serve more like Jesus on a daily basis. For all ages. In the gym
Twelve Step Study Teacher:  Ron Frey. For those with hurts, habits, and hangups. A good support group. Open to all men and women.
Small kitchen – off gym


10:30 am – For those attending the 9:00 am worship service
Growing Together Group Teachers:  Eric Crots, Jeff Miller, and Joe Clark
Always something fresh and new with various subjects and material. Open to all ages.
Homebuilders Teachers: Wil Iler and Gil Hanson. Searching for Heaven on Earth by Dr. David Jeremiah, a study of Ecclesiastes on DVD with a study guide. Each lesson is designed to challenge your thinking, help you grow in your knowledge of Christ, and discover how Biblical truth affects every aspect of your life. S105
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