We will not have Adult Sunday School Classes on this Easter Sunday, April 17th.



8:00 am – For those attending the 9:00 am worship service

Housewarmers  Teachers: Dave Cole and Paul Stepp. Most of the class is age 60+. S103/104

9:00 am – For those attending the 10:30 am worship service

New Testament Bible Study Group  Teacher:  Ed Teegardin
A verse-by-verse study of various books of the Bible. Thought-provoking questions from the leader and much discussion. The purpose is to become more Christ-like and people of prayer. All ages are welcome. S101 (Library)
The Abundant Life Group  invites you to join them as they start a 23-week series on Isaiah, entitled “Trusting God in Troubled Times”. Tragedies rarely come with rehearsal time. When the earthquake strikes, the quality of the building is revealed. Intro to the study began November 21; books will be provided. Come prepared to learn from one another as we discuss the weekly lesson. Teacher: Faith Frey.  All ages welcome.  S103/104
The KLF (Knowing, Loving, and Flourishing) Group Led by Leon and Nancy Weaver
For those seeking to learn and grow in receiving Christ’s love and in reflecting it to others- especially
to the doubting, the suffering, the vulnerable and those “not like” ourselves. Discussion class focuses on scripture-based writings by selected pastors and evangelical leaders. For all For all ages.
Twelve Step Study Group  Teacher:  Ron Frey. For those with hurts, habits, and hang-ups. A good support group. Open to all men and women.  Small kitchen – off gym


10:30 am – For those attending the 9:00 am worship service
Growing Together Group  Group Teachers:  Lamar & Pam Dick, and Joe Clark   Studies on various topics.  
You are all welcome to come and join us!  S103/104

Homebuilders Teachers: Wil Iler.  David Jeremiah’s study entitled, “Where do we go from here?” starting in January S105