Masks are required per CDC Guidelines for those 3 and older.
Please try to social distance 6’ from others.
Masks are worn to not only protect yourself, but to protect others in the event
you are positive with Covid and don’t know it.  Whether masks actually work or not is often debated.  However, wearing them is an attempt to provide a safer environment.
It is an act of sacrificial love for others’ sake to wear one even if you doubt its benefit.
Thank You.


What’s Happening

Wednesday Evening Worship Service in the sanctuary at 6:45 pm
at Fairview Missionary Church
Monday, March 8, 2021 at 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Price: Free 
Speakers: Kim Ryall and Shirel Meyer
Come join us for a night out supporting this pro-life ministry. The purpose of this event is to help stock Compassion Pregnancy Center’s boutique with supplies for moms and families in need. Along with your gift, this night will be full of fun, refreshments, and further information about this vital ministry.
*Visit the woman’s ministry booth for a list of accepted items.

Childcare: Yes
Location: Fairview Missionary Church.