The Purpose of Our Service


The purpose of our service is to prompt people to speak, listen and respond to God as we worship Him together.  The worship service on Sunday morning will glorify God if we strive to prompt others to:



Kneeling Prayer SilhouetteConfession – (1 John 1:9) We all know how important it is to wash our hands before mealtime.  In a spiritual sense confession washes our hearts before we come before Him to worship.  Confession prepares us to worship God.

Praise – Stating who God is and what He has done.  God is praised because salvation, glory and power belong to Him.  Each of these three attributes of God should awaken its own response in the heart of man.  The salvation of God should awaken the gratitude of man; the glory of God should awaken the reverence of man; the power of God is always exercised in the love of God and should, therefore, awaken the trust of man.  Gratitude, reverence, trust – these are the elements of praise.

Thanksgiving – Expressing gratitude to God for what He has done in our lives.

Adoration – Personal expressions of worship (use personal pronouns I, me).

Supplication – Requests to God



Sermons – Listen carefully as His Word is read and preached.

Promptings – Listen to how the Holy Spirit may be speaking to you.

…RESPOND TO GOD by Taking the next step – God may be challenging you to step out in faith and take the next step in your Christian walk.  Commit yourself to do what you need to do.

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